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The beautiful costal cities of Spain

With almost 5,000 miles of coastline — more than 1,000 bordering the Mediterranean — and over 60 islands, Spain certainly has no shortage of beautiful by - the-water sites. And while we enjoy Spain's beaches and national parks, the combination of old port cities and resort towns dotting the perimeter of the country is something additional unique.

The discovering of Mallorca

Located between Ibiza and Menorca, the island of Mallorca is the capital and the biggest of the Balearic Islands. The Mediterranean's genuine jewel provides all you want for a holiday: hills, ocean, culture, recreation and excellent climate. Make sure you're renting a ship to discover the island completely. The island's climate is typical of the Mediterranean where winter temperatures are relatively small and summers are highly warm. Although this is the case on land, in the heart of winter, the water temperatures always remain moderate and pleasant, falling only to 14 ° C. You will arrive at the airport of Mallorca, close the lovely town of Palma, in order to arrive on the island. Take the ferry if you prefer access by ocean and choose from several continental exit points.

Boat rental in Mallorca

You will have several ports to choose from on various areas of the island when you rent a ship. Many of the boat in the town of Palma de Mallorca have many piers and access to the city's lovely views. If you're searching for Mallorca's famous port, start not far from Palma de Mallorca's core to Puerto Portals. Port Adriano, one of the most exclusive marinas on the island with 400 moorings, is located in the northeast of the island. Mallorca has the advantages of being near to Ibiza or Menorca. Why don't you go to these islands? Renting a day ship with Samboat can readily do this. Mallorca offers countless yachts and we encourage you to explore all the ships accessible for hire. Whatever your demands are, you'll definitely readily discover the boat you're searching for. Play with filters around and lease your dream boat. Hence, rent a boat mallorca.


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