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Adventuring around Ibiza by boat

Ibiza has a reputation as the party-hard, all-night rave summer hot spot of the Mediterranean. Come summer the White Isle is suddenly pulsating with as many tourists as the hottest new Manhattan club on a Saturday night, with the population growing literally to millions. You dream of secluded stretches of sand, a glittering, empty Mediterranean, laid-back sunset bars and barbecued seafood eaten within earshot of a whispering shore. But the reality of high summer in the Balearic Islands often means gridlock, packed beaches and restaurants besieged by hordes of snappy, sunburned tourists.

Exploring Ibiza via Samboat

You simply pick your destination from over 600 destinations in the US and around the world, choose whether you want the boat with or without a captain, enter the number in your party and the date you want to sail the seas. You can then peruse the various boat options available at boat rental ibiza, most of which are boat rental by owner, and choose the one perfect for your occasion. While a romantic charter for just the two of you might be reserved for a special occasion, splitting the cost between groups of friends suddenly makes boating like a baler pretty affordable. The majority of Samboat’s customers rent a boat for a day or even just a half day. Though in Ibiza where the boats are all owned by a charter company instead of private individuals, multi-day charters and sleeping onboard are also an option.


Each boat is unique on Samboat site, just as each apartment is unique on Airbnb. You should thoroughly read the description for what is and isn’t included and any rules (some boat owners don’t allow you to bring aboard dark liquids like red wine and grape juice that can stain, for example). Some charters have ability to arrange catering, others allows you to bring your own food and drink aboard, some include certain food and drink or you may have the opportunity to go ashore for lunch or dinner as we did. The descriptions also list amenities onboard.


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