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Sailboat rental: how it works

You can do a boat rental whenever you want anywhere with La Rochelle boat rental. Whether you are in La Rochelle, Corsica, Greece, or the Antilles ... You can also change your boat. A sporty sailboat for thrills, a comfortable boat for a trip with friends or family, a catamaran for more space on board to party. You have a wide choice of boat that suits you perfectly and surely!

Renting a sailboat, an interesting idea…

To understand and improve on the sailboat, this is the ideal technique. In fact, the rental companies offer occasional trips to the sea with the theme of relaxation or team-building.

You can, if you wish, hire with a sailing instructor to progress on a specific point or gain confidence.

A rental boat often sails more than most boats. Each winter, an in-depth maintenance is carried out. It concerns wintering. It seems impossible to you, but the sailboat can be taken out of the water to be repainted (the hull) and protect it against algae. Specialists take the opportunity to repair the boat from top to bottom, in particular the electrical circuit, the tanks, the rigging, the sails, the engine, etc.

During the rental, it is essential to respect the boat to allow it to remain in a better condition until the next wintering.

You may drop a spoon at the bottom of the harbor, wear a piece of hardware or tear in a sail. Respect is to prevent and quickly transmit in the event of a problem in order to remedy it quickly. This is the insurance so that the tenants of the season have a boat. If the problem is during the cruise, the charter company can guarantee that the part will be supplied upon return of the sailboat so that specialists can change it and that the boat sets out revised with a new client!

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