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However, the boat rental process can be daunting for a first-timer. It’s hard to know if you’re overpaying, if you’re actually prepared, or if you know what to do if something happens to the boat. As a matter of fact, renting a boat online is obviously going to be the fastest if you want to make sure you get out on the water on time. One big thing that slows down the process is when someone does not have their boating license ready. Make sure you know the proper laws for the state that you are in. In Missouri for instance, if you were born before January 1st, 1984, all you need to show the dockhand is your driver’s license. If you were born after that date, you will need to pass the boating license test and provide that documentation. The best way to avoid confusion when renting a boat is to review your confirmation letter. That is where you are going to find all the details of your reservation. Normally, a confirmation letter will tell you the time you should arrive, the documentation you need to provide, any accessories that you have requested, and all other pertinent information.

A lot of marinas, including Iguana, will give you a discount for multi-day rentals

So, if you rent the boat over two or three days, you will pay a much lower rate per hour. Holiday weekends, of course, are always going to be a little more expensive. If you’re renting boat and you want to save a little cash, you can always do a two-hour rental. However, two-hour rentals almost always have the highest rate per hour. If you break down the price of an eight-hour rental, you are usually going to have a better rate per hour. as youread this, make a plan! If you’re coming with friends and family, split the costs with everybody! That’s going to make renting a boat affordable for you and help you enjoy your time on the water.

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